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My friend is a painter and Decorator just outside Leeds, last June he asked me to help him get more work from the Internet, in the first six months I helped him get over 100 enquiries, (see images below). 
Check out the leads we have generated over a six month period in 2018. This decorator had over 111 calls from the 1st Sep to the 15th Dec 2018. 
We recently helped a decorator in Wakefield set up a Google listing and a website, in the first week he had two enquiries which he converted into a jobs worth £1500

Our Offer

First we create a professionally designed painter and decorator website for each decorator we work with at NO cost to you saving of up to £2000.

Click here to see a demo website

We then build a marketing campaign around your area on Google and any lead that comes from this campaign will come to you, and you only.

We offer two packages where either I can take all the calls and pass onto you or all calls go direct to you.

Package one £15 per lead - We take all calls and pass onto you via text. We filter out any sales calls or customers who are looking for a price over the phone. This way you only pay for genuine calls from customers, you pay for your leads at the end of the month.

Package Two £10 Per lead - All calls will be sent direct to you, you deal with all enquiries including any sales calls. With package two you will be charged for any calls you don't answer and any calls you get that don't lead to a quote being given.

In either package you will not be charged for any sales calls. Simply take a note of the number that calls you and let us know so we can remove it from your bill. Each call is recorded so we can listen to the call to make sure they are genuine sales calls before we charge you.

You simply fit in any work we send you in with your own work, you control your own diary as we are not employing you.

It's up to you which package you take and at any point you can change from one to the other with 30 days notice.

We do all the work upfront to get the phone to ring with NO charge to you, other companies charge up to £2000 upfront with a monthly fee to keep the phone ringing.

The only caveat is that I own the marketing material as I have done all the work upfront.

If you are interested in working with us then reply to the message we sent you via Gumtree.
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